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 D  E  E  P   S  O  U  T  H    M  O  T  O  C  R  O  S  S


Rider Profile

Trey "T-Coon" Cheramie

Height/Weight:  50 lbs
Location: Golden Meadow, La
Bike #:  #347
Bike(s):  Honda xr50 and a KTM senior   
Class:  50 oil injected and 50 open
Accomplishments:  *Won both of the Larose Flying Colors races in my class
* Placed 3rd in the La state Championship in New Iberia
Goals: To become a better rider on my KTM and to make more friends to play with at the track.
Favorite Track:  La Supercross
Favorite Pro Rider: Travis Pastrana and the Metz
Sponsors:   Mid South Erosion Control
ICQ: 176293293 T-Coon


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