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 D  E  E  P   S  O  U  T  H    M  O  T  O  C  R  O  S  S


Flying Colors MX Park

616 Hamilton Street 
Larose, LA.70374

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Skill Level Beginners


(985-693-6411 or 985-856-2223)


(Larose & Track Area)

Larose, La. Interstates I-310, Hwy. 90

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Hwy. 1 Hwy 308 & 1 Hamilton St.

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616 Hamilton Street (T-Bois Rd.)
Larose, Louisiana (off of Hwy. 308)
Hamilton Street is located
at the caution lights between
Larose Truck Stop & 100.3 FM KLRZ
~ Right Rear Portion of Street ~
~ LOOK For The White Fence & the "TRACK" sign~
Follow The Shell Road ~ Please Drive Slowly

(weather permitting):
Summer: Fri., Sat & Sun=10am-7pm
Fall/Winter: Sat & Sun=10am-5pm
Spring: Sat & Sun=10am-6pm

Closed: Christmas & Easter Day.
Open : Memorial Day, Labor Day &
              Independence Day.

Practice: $10.00 per bike/day
(After 10 paid days a bike gets in FREE for a day!)
Spectators: FREE

Race days: $5.00 per person
(3 yrs and under) FREE


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