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 D  E  E  P   S  O  U  T  H    M  O  T  O  C  R  O  S  S


Rider Profile

 Drew Landry


Height/Weight:  5'6"/ 200 
Location: Thibodeaux, La    
Bike #:  #514
Bike(s):  03' Yamaha Yz450F 
Class:  250 Novice
Accomplishments:  2nd Place Open CC  Beginner Class @ Avondale 3-17-02
Goals: To have as much fun as possible...
Hobbies:    Eat. Sleep, Sh*t Motocross
Favorite Track:  3 Palms Mx-Houston, TX
Favorite Pro Rider: Kevin Windham
Messengers: Yahoo: yammadog2


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