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 D  E  E  P   S  O  U  T  H    M  O  T  O  C  R  O  S  S


Rider Profile

 Courtney Wagoner


Height/Weight:  5'4"/ 139 
Location: Natchez, Ms    
Bike #:  #730
Bike(s):  yz125
Class:  beginner
Accomplishments:  to get out there & ride with them boyies!!
Goals: to become as fast as them fast boys & girls!! ;)
Hobbies:    well duh~ MOTOX.. Cheerleading... Shopping... Being @ the MotoX tracks 24/7!
Favorite Track:  Holeshot
Favorite Pro Rider: can this be more than one? lol.. *Kevin Windham* of
course! Chad Reed.. & *Davi Millsaps*
Messengers: Aol... CourtneyWagoner
Yahoo... CourtneyWagoner39120


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